Osteopathy – Why consult us?

Whether the problem is simple or complex, sudden or chronic, osteopathy helps to remove barriers and stimulate one’s vital energy.

Sickness is an effect caused by the stoppage of some supply of fluid or quality of life.
A.T. Still, Founder of osteopathy

Each osteopathy session is unique and individually tailored. We will thoroughly explore the course of your life thus far, and the challenges faced therein (injuries, accidents, surgeries, illnesses, stresses, etc.) so that we may help you as precisely as possible in your process of self-healing. Osteopathy encompasses both intervention and prevention. In addition to our services, we also respect traditional medicine and will not hesitate to make referrals and collaborate with other health care professionals as needed.

Woman with neck pain

Osteopathy is relevant to any age group, from newborns to end of life care, and every major step along the way.

Newborns: Releasing tensions following birth, torticollis, plagiocephaly, difficulty breastfeeding, reflux, earaches, difficulty breathing (congestion), sleep disorder.

Ensuring balance in order to promote growth, repairing structural damage due to multiple falls, dental or orthodontic treatments, and addressing any and all sources of pain.

Adults: Releasing tensions and restoring balance after an accident, a fall, a surgery, or even after a simple cold. Pain that is sudden or chronic, joint pain, digestive, respiratory, or gynecological issues, headaches, states of stress, insomnia, etc.

Pregnant Women: Releasing tensions and addressing the different ills that can occur during pregnancy. Preparing for delivery by relaxing the pelvis and ensuring balance. Helping the body find balance once more after childbirth by addressing tensions, pain, difficulty breastfeeding, hormonal imbalances, post-partum depression, etc.