Osteopathy – What is it?

Osteopathy is a practice that aims to reintegrate balance and harmony into your body. Osteopathy utilizes a gentle, manual approach with a global perspective of all body systems: musculoskeletal, fascial, visceral, and cranial.

We look at the body in health as meaning perfection and harmony, not in one part, but in the whole.
A.T. Still, Founder of osteopathy

body organs
Osteopathy was founded by the surgeon Dr. Andrew Taylor Still. It is based on a profound understanding of anatomy and physiology. Its objective is to investigate the source from which one’s dysfunctions or pains originate. It does not focus on the presenting illness or discomfort alone, but rather explores the totality of the body’s blockages which, collectively, would contribute to the issue. The osteopath then applies precise palpations which encourage increased vascularization of the tissues, thus re-establishing their natural functioning and leading to better whole-body balance and improved health.